How do you make decisions?

Your SUCCESS is tied to your ability to create CLARITY out of


How do you establish consistent, clear-headed decision-making in your organization while working on urgent priorities?


Guided problem-solving = Answers + learning

  • Part real-time problem-solving, part learning, our workshops lead to enduring new habits of thinking + solutions to your issues.
  • Combines the best of corporate training and external consulting.
  • We will work in your setting, with your team of 5-15 managers to crack important assignments, while developing your team’s thinking patterns for the next set of questions.
  • A private class for your managers, allows you to share with confidence.
  • Founded on years of experiential learning practice, the latest thinking on the neuroscience of learning, and world-class problem-solving methods.

A rigorous, powerful problem-solving process.

Bubble-problem-lgWhy are we doing this?

Learn to distinguish ‘good’ Questions from not-so-good ones. Know how to put together a Question that is reflective of the underlying issues, yet answerable.

bubble-know-lgDivide and conquer.

Give yourself, your top talent or your students the tools to identify, prioritize and break down clear issues, to understand the missing links.

bubble-info-lgGarbage-in, Garbage-out.

Your decisions can only be as good as the evidence that informs them. Learn to spot bad, incomplete or misleading information quickly. Know what good evidence looks like.


You should not make decisions without all the accurate and relevant information. But figuring out the ‘so-what’ of the data, is the capstone skill. Know how to extract unique insights that will lead to  better decisions.


You always need to bring other people along. Know how to tell the story. Persuade with clarity and strength.

KNOW how to cut through the clutter & make reliably sound DECISIONS.

Do you find yourself:

  • Going around in circles?
  • Feeling confused?
  • Not being able to get to the bottom of issues?
  • Not always identifying proper priorities?


You are not alone. In the age of information pollution, it has become difficult to distill information and drive to decisions you can feel confident about. We have trained hundreds of mid-career managers to do just that.


Our workshops offer clear, powerful ways to dramatically improve your decision-making. Applied in small teams, to your specific, urgent issues, in your own setting. 

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